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Choosing a Golf hitting Net

Golf is a sport that requires the right mix of precision, balance and subtlety. A golfer should be able to perfect his or her swing actions with emphasis on stability between twisting and speed.

Golfers usually practice on a driving range or out on a course, but sometimes, time and budget can restrict the avid golfer’s opportunities to practice.

The concept of the golf hitting net is developed to answer the demands of people who want the freedom to practice their swings in the privacy of their own backyard. With a practice net at their disposal, many golfers can avoid the hassle of driving to and from a driving range, and save money too.

Finding the best golf hitting net may be tough, so we’ve established a few pertinent points to consider before you purchase your own.

Size really does matter!

Consider where you’d like to set up a golf practice net. Whether in the garage, your lawn, patio, deck, a home office or a boat deck, you should determine the size of the space the practice net is bound for.

Choose a practice net that will fit into the space comfortably.

A more compact hitting net may be advisable for indoor use, while an appropriately manicured golfing net may be more suited for your backyard.

Safety and durability

Look at the construction of the golf hitting net. Is the netting mesh securely woven and attached to the frame? Are the frames strong durable and corrosion resistant? Steel, aluminum poles or a fiberglass mix are usually the best bet.

Also, check if there is a backstop feature or side netting to block balls in the event your shot goes wild. You would not want neighbors complaining about broken windows. Look for good warranty and strength score for a worry free purchase.

Ease of Set up/Storage

You would not to spend too much time in setting up and taking down your golf hitting net. This is time better spent on practicing. Simple connecting poles and easy, idiot-proofed connections are the way to go. Some golf nets also come with their own bags, so storage should be a breeze.

Bonus features

There are some golf hitting nets in the market that have an automatic ball return technology. There are those that return the ball to roughly the same tee off spot, eliminating the need to bend and position the ball again. Some gather all the balls in one place for easy ball retrieval. Some even have mats or artificial turf included with the practice net to simulate a real course.

Read reviews

Get an idea from fellow golfer’s who have purchased a golf hitting net by reading their reviews. Because there are so many types of net on the market all with their own individual features, sometimes it is difficult to weigh up all the pros and cons so do some research first by searching online for the best golf hitting net reviews.

Keeping these points in mind will benefit you immensely when you purchase your golf hitting net. If you’re serious about improving your game, you will have endless opportunity to practice with your net. With a golf hitting net, you’ll be well on your way to maybe being the next PGA Tour champion!

Good luck!

Choosing a Golf hitting Net
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