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Golf Fitness Exercises

What muscle groups are most important for the golf player? Is cardiovascular exercise important? What’s are the best golf fitness exercises?

As the popularity of a sport increases, custom workouts and diets start popping up geared for optimal performance. Some are well thought out and accurate while others are less so.

In this post we’ll take you through the science of golf performance and how you can improve your game by tweaking your workout and fitness routines.

Rotational Power

Golf performance comes down to rotational power, i.e. how powerfully you can rotate your thorax and hips during a swing.

Rotational power can be increased by spending a larger portion of your workout in certain exercises and activities.

The two most important of these are range improvement through stretching and core muscle exercises.

What stretch exercises help increase rotational range?

Several stretch exercises can be used to help develop a better range of hip and thoracic spine motion.

Hip Flex Stretch

This stretch exercise also helps increase ROM (range of motion) around your hip.

Lying Knee-To-Knee Mobilization

This stretch exercise also helps increase ROM (range of motion) around your hip.

Seated Thoracic Rotations

This stretch exercise helps increase ROM (range of motion) around your thoracic spine.

What core exercises help increase rotational power?

Your abs are your most important muscle group in golf. Having strong, robust abs will increase your swing strength and overall rotational power.

There are plenty of excellent ab routines out there, and most will improve your golf performance.

The most important thing to remember with this and other exercises is that for any increase in strength to happen you need to be consistent in your workouts. Muscles only gets stronger when you push them past their limits.

A good indication that you worked a specific muscle group an appropriate amount for increased strength is muscle soreness the next day.

Any strength training guide will agree that this Delayer On-Set Soreness is GOOD!

It means that when you are done recovering, that particular muscle will be tougher and more powerful than it was before the workout.

Having said all this, never over strain a muscle group if it is exhibiting a strange pain or discomfort. Here are a few core exercises that can strengthen your abs so that your rotational power can be transferred to your shoulders and swing.


You probably want to stay away from crunches altogether. It induces a “hunch-back” posture and is not good for your back.


Plank exercises are great for your abs because they work even the smaller ab muscles around and behind your abs, promoting great posture and overall core fitness.

Standing Belly Press

This exercise work the same muscles as plank exercises, but they further stress rotational motion, making them a great addition to golf players’ workout routines.

What About Cardio?

Cardio has a bad rep when it comes to building musculature. The argument goes that cardio eats away your calories and can even burn away muscle tissue in the absence of ready-to-use carbohydrates in your system.

It is true that if you do too much cardio you will end up looking like an Olympic long-distance runner, but if used sparingly it can improve your muscle-work routine.

Cardio increases blood flow to your muscles and can thus be an excellent way to speed up recovery. So adding an average amount of cardio to each of your muscle sessions – and in between sessions – can help you reach your fitness goals faster. And we aren’t mentioning in this post the MANY other incredible benefits that come from a consistent cardio routine.

Take your golf to another level

In summary, there are many exercises you can add to your fitness routine that will improve your performance out on the golf course.

As with any goal though, you get what you put in. You can either slightly improve your game with an occasional soft workout once in a while or you can drastically improve your distances and overall performance with a hard every-other-day workout session. It’s up to you.

We experience life through our bodies. It’s a good investment therefore to take good care of them. Follow the guidelines and suggestions in this post to improve your body and golf game performance.

*Disclaimer: You should always consult a healthcare professional before undertaking any serious exercise. This article is for informational purposes only as does not constitute medical advice.

Golf Fitness Exercises
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